Damn Good Biking

Damn Good Biking
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Thursday, November 18, 2010

March 12th: Nevada, what a trip

Well I got a farm manager Job, its not the veterans village in Minnesota that I have been working on the last year. Serious bummer.

However I am working for a farm called hungry mother organics. They are a veteran ran farm operating on a 5 acre farm inside a prison. The farm produces plant starts, fresh veggies, and uses incarcerated veterans/good inmates for a little work.

This year they are starting a retail center for produce, plants, tools and such and are working to make this center both substantive in food production as well as education.

They also have a 200 acre farm down the road that they want to start developing, complete with house, organic land, and unlimited water. Best case scenario, I start managing the farm there while they focus on the other site.

I'm still so on for Minnesota, but have been getting bad juju concerning the place and our arrangements there. At any rate, if I go to Nevada, i will need to drive to Minnesota pick up my stuff and then drive through big sky country to arrive in NV. I'm actually really stoked about the drive, me my dog and open road. Awesome!

I have to admit it is a wonderful opportunity to get in with a group that is up and running.

Lets not forget Mountain biking! I'll be less than a half hour outside Tahoe and near many Holy, Holy, grails of trails. In fact the retail site is the trailhead for many of carson cities best single track....total bummer.

Anyone Wanna co pilot a cross country trip with a stranger and his dog and finish the trip with some awesome single track?

The pup shares space pretty well. ;-)

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