Damn Good Biking

Damn Good Biking
Mammath Mountain

Thursday, November 18, 2010

06-13-10: Yardbirds and Pack Mules

Well with all things being said my first year as a farm manager at Hungry Mother Organics is not going so bad.

By my estimate a combination of the weather has set us back maybe 2-3 weeks, another is not having a number 2 to help me at the farm so I can also create the garden at the farm stand. Lastly is the disorganized management above my pay grade. I should say no more.

However I still love the work.

Another set back for sure was that I didn't get to recruit Matt McCue's farm mule Jeremy Lopez early in the off season farm draft. I really needed a #2 so to speak of and now here "nursery season" is rapidly morphing into "farm season and despite my long hours and 6-7 day work week its difficult not being able to keep up on all the task.

But you know what, I picked up the "yard bird".
Thankfully he looks at the world a little cockeyed and though this bird can't fly straight he sure gets a damn good job done.

For all intents and purposes I have been left pretty much to myself without any substantial guidance from my manager which is good. However, when decisions have to made on the minute I have to wait, minutes, hours, sometimes days and beyond for resolution.

Having Yardbird around keeps an extra pair of eyes on the guys, helps with house chores and even takes Agadez the wonder pup out on walks.

Not to forget he plays a mighty fine geetar too.

Damn I like this guy, a guess a bird on the farm is worth more than two in the bush.

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