Damn Good Biking

Damn Good Biking
Mammath Mountain

Thursday, November 18, 2010

5-17-10: A good Field Day

HERE it is.

It is my mothers birthday, # not important but the date is; May 17th.

Its odd to think that two years ago officially marks the date I broke my back.

What a long strange trip it has been since that fateful fall.

To celebrate this ominous occasion today, I put my first field crops in the ground. After reading my winter blues rant, or even knowing the last two years has been all travel and no roots.

So planting a farm of my own today was monumental. After being deprived of doing so back in Niger after the fall, this to me was a very big deal.

A day to really live in the moment and appreciate life.
There is nothing I would rather be doing now.

Its late in the season, though the schedule has been hectic the wintry weather been uncooperative to say the least, but the timing has not been there, its really difficult coming into a season mid swing with a rotating mix of incarcerated farmers most without any farming experience. But that's life.

So far I am managing god knows tens of thousands of plants, seven farm workers, two locations, a new home, an energetic puppy, while also attempting any chance to mountain bike or play music.

Damn its good to be settling roots.

Back to our field: Our plant out was 8 beds, 3ft x 160 ft, it took us four hours. Not bad considering we planned it out on a whim.

My goal is UC Santa Cruz speed, last year at CASFS this job would have been done in an hour, two at the most most if we were lazy.

Farming at CASFS reminds me of the old adage while working in Colorado as a raft guide. You learn that you never have a crew as good as the one you train with….it makes a difference when everyone is learning and striving to perform optimally….most days!....or at least not trying to get dunked in snow melt rivers at 0800.

Damn funny how quality of workers skills and knowledge farming plays in production!

I can't write much more but just wanted to briefly remark on the birf'day of me mum, the anniversary of a bad break in life and our farming activities.

But you know life is like the river. Ride the wave trains, rest in the eddy's, then get out and do it all over again the next day.

It really Freak'n Rocks here!

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