Damn Good Biking

Damn Good Biking
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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Feb 10th 2010: Dear Farmily from Santa Cruz

ear Farmily,

Since leaving Santa Cruz in October I have travelled across the States twice by a combination of plane, train, bus, and automobiles. Latest news is that I find myself ex-fiancé'd, living on the road, sleeping in my truck or wherever for that matter and living with a loyal dog at my side.

I am currently in Davis, but going to Santa Cruz next weekend.
Wayfaring is love.

Funding is in the balance but I am setting up the village farm in Minnesota, working for the Farmer Veteran Coalition, and training my Rottweiler/ golden retriever mix to become a service dog on the farm.

Aside from a month on the farm our current tally for this last month travelling is a cross country trip and a half of over (3,000 miles!!+).

Be assured that at every nook and cranny between here and there I have been on a soap box spouting the blissful propaganda related to clean living, good food, and building community….and yes working with veterans. ;-)

You guys are often in my thoughts on this journey to figure out the world of food and I am incredibly grateful for the influence you all have had on my travels. I even walked into Jessie B in davis last week :-)

I wanted to write you guys also to inform those of you in the area that the FVC is putting together a monster of a veteran food and farming career fair in Santa Rosa on March 5th at the Veterans Hall.

Any and all are invited to attend. Some perks are enjoying free lunch, Agadez my dog, and moi !!!

To add gravity to our challenges while speaking at engagements I often ask the groups. three things:
1. Have you or anyone you know been affected by the economy?
2. Do you know a current veteran or one from any war?
3. Do you have concerns about access to good, affordable, quality, food?

Do you think its time we tried something different?

In nearly every occasion roughly 70-75% of respondents answered to all three.
And nearly seem to ponder or nod rhetorically.

I firmly believe you all are catalyst to a beautiful change we can achieve to make the world a little better than how we found it.

If any of you are in the dAvis, bay, or santa cruz area please don't be a stranger….

Come to the fair, another is in LA June, if not; You all have a home in Minnesota….If I stay;-)

In Peace,
Joshua A.

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