Damn Good Biking

Damn Good Biking
Mammath Mountain

Thursday, November 18, 2010

05-06-10: Finally A Home, Very Excited

After a month of working at HMO and being promised a home for myself not to mention not being paid yet. Here I am.

Happy, loving life, and enjoying each growing day.

Agate Street, Carson City Nevada; my home is a two thousand dollar trailer with a two million dollar view. I have no table, tv, dressers, bed, couch, or night stand to hang my watch.

Instead I have a panoramic view of the Southern Range of the Sierra Nevada's, a trail head leading towards the snow peaked mountains or our farm stand down down yonder.

Yesterday I moved in half my belongings from Reno, slept on the floor, woke up and farmed away.

Today I woke up a little rigid, farmed the day away then moved in the remainder of my things from the boss's pad and talked shop over a beer. Afterwards unloaded, had a slice of cold pizza, a pbr, then off on the trusty old mountain bike.

Warms the heart thinking of the labyrinths and labyrinths of mountain track as well as all different the types of flavors to ride.

I have been scoping the scene and will hopefully be able to apply as mountain bike ranger near Tahoe. This practically equates to at least two days devoted towards shredding down them there mountains.

Back to the pad, we have signed a six month lease and will explore either moving up the chain onto the farm, or staying until the spring. In the mean time however I am going to test every scheme in the books to use my advantage the abundance of sunlight entering my home and my rad scenic deck.

On which I intend to test our farm products to grow decoration, food, and practical plants used for a common Nevada home.

Should be fun.

Ample space, good weather, awesome homegrown organic food, trails, trails, trails, and the happiest little puppy alive waiting for guests, hope to see many visitors this coming year.


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