Damn Good Biking

Damn Good Biking
Mammath Mountain

Thursday, November 18, 2010

5-26-10: Morning Bliss & Nevadan Winter Blues, Rant.

Its sunny, the world is waking up….the plants are awake and I try to imagine what it feels like to be a plant. A perfect harmony of function and beauty that consume, metabolize then create energy for themselves.

If I die tomorrow allow me to return as a plant. Oh to be even a blade of grass In fields such as the ones I have seen and worked would be bliss. To simply exist, plants do exibit behavior but who knows about consciousness. Personally it can be over rated.

A Life to simply grow, this brings tranquility even in my darkest hours.

Chime the ominous music……….The clouds cascading from the Sierra's begin to lower, a white blanket of dust signals the coming of the howlers; these winds drill through every stitch of clothing until the back spasms.

I mean every day is beautiful, my roasted cheeks and raccoon eyes are a testament to the suns magnificence; yet the temps never turn a shade over the mid 70's for more than a few days or a good week stretch.

Don't get me wrong the typical sunny day is nice….but come on man!!!
Minnesota already has everything in the ground.

let spring and summer start rolling in, my healthy plants are seeking new ground and thriving towards feeding rumbling bellies growing in back yard gardens.
Mine not withstanding!!

This climatic drivers ed course of on and off the brakes is killing my patience and our plants potential towards optimal growth!!!!

But on the up side, it has allowed more time to be spent on the campaign to learn and manage a plant nursery production business, greenhouse, cover crops and 600 stupid chickens.

Interesting business, not easy, but rewarding.

Por lo ejemplo, take a big breath and say it fast…...

When I roam to other retail stands selling plant nursery stock I see color, big plants, low prices and lots of abundant varieties….Yet when one looks closer one sees plant health deficiencies….when one broadens the scope to gain the bigger picture one sees a wasteful mass production system dealt in volumes where thousands of plants perish only to be restocked equally as expendable with perfect clones…….…hasn't always been like this, neither has all the rest of stuff.

Sound like a bit of a rant.
It is I guess.

Its just that myself and team working at the farm put in long hours, pain staking attention and tender care ensuring a healthy environment for our plants, yet small nurseries constantly go under or growers are locked into a system similar to mass production of turkey's, chickens, etc...

Its not easy but with the right mix of constantly shuffling plants, watering, organic nutrient managed programs……... and prison fueled poetry; our plants head to our owners looking like they are ready for life, not reaching for it.

That is the difference.
Its intent, its love.

Seriously here I am with a team of inmates growing plants to feed others.
They even have a endearing nick name, the "pansy division"……..
Its not for our gardening, but on account of the pansies we grow.
"Pansy Division"…is the name of a very peculiar punk band too!

Our lil' plants represent a little freedom I guess.

Sunday after we Cleaned up the farm anticipating a farm tour we had some brat's, chips, soda's and looked at the photos of the work we have done as well as how sexy our plants look at the retail sites.
The guys loved it, me too, everyone should see where their art is hung.

I don't mean to rant earlier about big business in the nursery world, making money is sustainability, its just a lot of good plants never find homes and countless Jules of energy are expired for what end?

The other argument is that you know that whole tomato blight that wiped out the east coast tomatoes last year? It was started from a mass producing tomato plant nursery down in the South, Alabama or something like that.

Or how about the peanut contamination, or the "CALIFORNIAN" not Mexican tomato, pepper, or spinach/ ecoli' food blights of recent history.

Hello folk, if the bad stuff is in your food its in you.

Feed yo' mama the good stuff.

Farming in Nevada Rulz.
Time to pass out from exhaustion once again.

No season like farm season.

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