Damn Good Biking

Damn Good Biking
Mammath Mountain

Thursday, November 18, 2010

06-09-10: A Food Stamp Farmer Feeding the Masses

At this time I am on $200 MONTHLY in food stamps, still holding my breath for regular pay and literally feeding 9 mouths.

Add three more servings when myself, Yardbird and lil loyal companion Agadez need to eat.

But between myself, 7 incarcerated farmers, the "Yardbird" and HMO'S 1st volunteer "Petina" as well as our other HMO staff at the nursery "not on my food stamps" we are all striving to grow food and nursery plants which will fill the hungry bellies and imaginations of thousands more!

In these times its good to be able to stretch a buck.
But a whole heap higher than donkey dung BETTER to do something that can give back to thousands.

I won't pause despite potential poverty at this time.
My life, work, love, and ultimate joy is to live in a community created from the root need of food and sharing ideas, work and daily experiences.

You know my favorite part of what I do is to think of those lil' plants moving on to become something either monumental like be a child's first tomato, or the best slicer on a burger from the Sierra's.

Working normal retail, or the living out slow painful "Cubicle Death " has no interest for me. I need growth in my daily life.

A requirement of my occupation is to grow personally on a daily basis and enjoy the simple pleasure of ensuring others have safe, healthy nutritious food to put on their tables.

I think of my villagers everyday and choke back tears, I miss them.
They would be proud of me, I am doing what I promised I would when I came home.
They taught me so much.

Call me a pleaser.

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