Damn Good Biking

Damn Good Biking
Mammath Mountain

Thursday, November 18, 2010

05-10-10: Lay of the Land, Integration, Culture

Its beautiful, just beautiful.

Today was a fantastic farm day, plants were moved to market, the ground was tilled and bedded, tomorrow we transplant lettuce. Our 600 egg laying chickens are also testing new waters as pastured poultry for the second full day.

Chance permitted and I even got to spend some time off the farm at the Nursery and staked the layout for our 1/4 French Intensive garden. Even recruited a volunteer, first actually.

At the Farm Stand it was a good learning day to both stake out the garden and field questions from a customer interested in irrigation for her garden.

After a few farmers markets and events it is very obvious I am way more farmer than gardener.
But that is okay, I want to learn.
This year I intend to make my outside deck completely edible.

No, no there will be no Willa Wonka like snosberry flavored hand rails but instead a smorgasbord of heirloom tomatoes, diverse peppers, strawberries, leafy greens, and specialty products. Never done anything like this, but its important to understand both my products and customers demands.

Even met a neighbor today and talked about gardening his location.

For more integration yesterday I spoke with some folk from a local sustainability group who were making a short film for that Pepsi Refresh Everything Campaign about reusable food waste, composting and sustainable farming. Film and media is still not my thing, but I like sharing my experiences and reaching out to others interested in making the world a little tastier.

I also accepted an invite to dish out food by a local chef who will be serving frittata with eggs from our farm as well as our over wintered carrots at a very notable event. The extravaganza is called Napa's Backyard and will be a perusing of the finest food and wine dished out by many top chefs from across the world not to forget about fifty quality vineyards representing their delectable wares.

My booth mate for this event is also Miss Fitness Hawaii, should be fun. ;-)

So far what I have learned about the local culture is that they are dying for readily grown healthy food as well as to take full advantage of every outdoor activity known to man achievable from flat ground to the peaks of our lofty mountains.

With this in mind today while riding my bike I wandered towards the great mountains and discovered wonderful network of trails overlooking our farm stand. On the way out I saw a local skate park only a stones throw from my home, chatted it up with some local road surfers and even managed to carve a few bowls on my bike. Super Rad.

I have found in my line of life that integration and learning culture is easy if you use the right tools or bait. In Paris, my book Les' Miserabes lured them in, in Japan, well just being tall and American did it, Africa it was learning their ways and improving their food system, Mexico, well same as Japan but less taxing.

Here in Nevada so far I have found that right strategy is to grow food, share my harvests, and continue doing all the things I love that makes me, well me.

Things are immensely beautiful being nestled in the Mountains of the glory land.

Its good to have a home.


p.s. Oh, I was even offered a winter job to run Horse drawn carriages and snow sleighs in Tahoe last week at the farmers market. Not bad eh? First week in Carson City, since Cinco de Mayo and I'm already making friends.

Damn good life, damn good life.

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