Damn Good Biking

Damn Good Biking
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Monday, February 23, 2009

Virginia Tech is Kind of "Hokie" Place

So Cat' and I drove to Blacksburg VA about 2-1/2 hours south of Charlottesville. Last night we drove about 7 hours from New Jersey after attending festivities for her sisters wedding engagement party.

Today my lovely one was invited to give a presentation for the Virginia Tech Horticultural students and faculty talking about her international experience as an agriculture extension agent working in Niger, Egypt, Central Asia, and Nepal.

She knocked it out of the park and I'm very proud of her.

Prior to the event I met some awesome horticulturalist who have been all over the world collecting specimens, establishing farmers markets, and teaching.

I made a possible connection today and will hopefully meet with a gentleman who is working developing the cause of reconciliation and agriculture. Though we have not met, apparently he began this course in his life after his wife was tragically slain during last years Virginia Tech shootings.

I firmly believe this crazy notion that we can create mutual understanding between warring cultures by working together and breaking bread over mutually created food.

Tomorrow is one baby step closer to learning how to initiate this process.

All is well, keep on keep'n on folks.

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