Damn Good Biking

Damn Good Biking
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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Readjustment, work, life....whole lotta love

Greetings everyone

Its been irritating not writing,I've been busy since returning from Charlottesville. I"ve been helping a mushroom farmer out part time, looking for work, and trying to spread the FVC love out here.

Last weekend I attended a local farmers meeting about throwing some vets into their internships, and then met with the local VA rep about finding me work, and hopefully some other guys also. Despite being in Dixie, the economy has gone south here as well, many people are out of work or seriously concerned about their lot.

I recieved good news today, with the assistance of a local agriculture extension agent who knows Cat', he arranged for a possible job.

Today I called them, told them about Africa, the FVC, and my need for work for a couple months before I begin the Santa Cruz apprenticeship. They said, come on out!

It called The Keswick Vineyard, its a beautiful place that was once the pioneer front....IN the mid 18th century!!

check out the place. I don't know exactly what all kinds of work I'll be doing, certainly part of it will be pruning.


Okay, that about wraps it up, I'll have a couple more post soon.

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