Damn Good Biking

Damn Good Biking
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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"All Things Considered"....A good day for the FVC!

Thanks to Cathryn for sending me an email about NPR wanting to connect with people changing careers into Agriculture.

I wrote a member of NPR's show "All Things Considered" spoke of our project and our vision for veterans villages, and post war reconciliation and the result was them following up with the Farmer Veterans Coalition and running a story about the project and interviewing one of our veterans in San Diego currently managing a farm and training other vets.

It really was nothing more than hello...poof!

This is why our government needs to continue funding our public radio and television stations.

Public media is a major contributor to accurate information, entertainment, but most importantly painting a mental picture for private citizens to conceptualize events in our own backyard and global community.

Last night after listening to Barrack Obama and him hinting this week that a definite plan for pulling troops out by late 2010 from Iraq is very real. My mind has been racing, there is no time to waste, thousands of young vets will be coming home.

Also sobering is the fact that roughly two million citizens are now military veterans who have served in Iraq total.

When they come home they are going to need opportunities, as well as places to decompress.

Why not retrain young veterans with years of experience beyond their age to become community farm mentors in local communities. Many of these young folk need viable job skills, but already possess leadership, and a determination to set the example for others to follow in public service.

There is my rant, I am wiped out from my New Jersey and Virginia Tech trip, but I am going to go work out now.

Its farm season, one must be in shape.



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