Damn Good Biking

Damn Good Biking
Mammath Mountain

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

a Four star Evening

Plummeting further down the rabbit hole, yesterday Matt, Michael and I, hit a home run but moving closer to obtaining our fiscal sponsorship, and we had a meeting with the backers to start a veterans village in Minnesota.

At this site, it is a very real possibility that your truly could end up. Its a location where we will begin a veterans community that can not only economically sustain itself with agricultural enterprises, but teach others.

check out the campus on the vets village webpage.

Within a few moments Michael and I are heading into the heart of San Francisco to hold our fundraiser dinner at the foreign cinema restaurant.

At this event we are collecting the leaders in agriculture, food industries professionals, along with food policy educators. I hope they like the farmer veterans we have amassed, we really have a diverse grouping of guys.

The chefs have been donated a wide variety of quality wines, as well as all the fresh seafood, vegetables, and meats they could ever want. The prestigious Marina Market has supported our event by giving a blank check and virtual access to its cupboards for this event.

This will likely be the best meal I have had in years, and possibly for quite some time.

time to roll, take care,
enjoy your chef boyardee, I have my own chefs....for tonight anyways.

the wayfarer way.

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