Damn Good Biking

Damn Good Biking
Mammath Mountain

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Eco-Farm Conference Monterrey California

Two weeks on the road, nearly 2,000 miles of diverse vegetations, and climate zones have passed beneath me. Each experiance has given me a nibble to add to the entire feast of turf swallowed up.

Currently I am at the Eco-Farm conference held at the ASILIMAR conference complexes where the most people of the highest levels of production and those aspiring to feed communities meet to conspire.

My day in large has been spent in conferences learning about the mysteries of the Farm Bill and its iniative to assist begining farmers. Considerable time and energy has been used to promote our project, and connect not only to potential future projects with other organizations but connecting to former and future members of the horticulture program which I will be attending in the Spring.

It seems I can't swing a stick without knocking into someone who has attended or is affiliated with the program. This experiance has emphasized my thoughts that this is the place for me to come to learn what I must to help feed communities.

Its 1739, I am utterly exhausted and in much need of a rest, food, and time to myself, in 5 minutes I leave to pack up our promotion table and move towards the next objective of our mixer at 2000. No sleep yet, I"ll likely skip dinner to rest, then hopefully the saga of making connections, and new friendships begins anew.

It seems our project has stormed the conference and not a wind blows without carrying the whisper of our project, this community supports us, new communities will as well, and I am all the happier for the path I have chosen to get to this point.

okay, I must go for now.
be well.


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