Damn Good Biking

Damn Good Biking
Mammath Mountain

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Eco-Farm Conference Monterrey California Final Day

The twilight zombies are shuffling between coffee stands, the booths are breaking down, the weather has finally cleared, and I actually am leaving the conference with a potential job offer as a farm loan manager in Humboldt County Northern California.

Last night I declined the concert and dance and instead chose to pick out some tunes with a pianist, guitar, dobro, and banja player at the main hall.

As all small circles develop here, each player belonged to the same agriculture agency who works out of the same office in Davis that we might potentially occupy in the next few months as the FVC locates to a central location. With the our foreseen fiscal sponsorship, creation of our own non profit status, and potential funding from the VA, USDA, and foundation support we are well on our way to hopefully employing in the near future a staff consisting of a full time office manager, veteran outreach coordinator, as well as for our project directors position as farm adviser.

Its a wonderful feeling to be a part of something monumental from the ground up. Our organization has made incredible progress from this conference forging new connections, future projects, and most imminently leads to potential employment opportunities for our Farmer-Vets.

Alright, I'm bound to Santa Cruz later this afternoon, then later back to Berkeley to veg' out in the hotel for a day, get a full belly, a good nights rest, and start the race all over again for our planned activity at the Foreign Cinema restaurant on the 28th.

be well.

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