Damn Good Biking

Damn Good Biking
Mammath Mountain

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

5-24-08 Preflight Jokes

Been a slow day, the Air France doctor came, what a joke.

The doctor's woke me up from a pain induced coma then standing over me the doctor stared awkwardly as if lost and not knowing what to do.

"You want me to get up?"


I get up and thrust forward with much more momentum than really able, this is going to hurt afterwards.

"Now what?"

A shoulder shrug of uncertainty what he is supposed.

Okay I'll walk towards the bathroom, seems to be what he's after to ascertain or not.

Will this passenger be able to make it to the bathroom?

Need a jar?

Poo Poo bag?

Do they train airline staff in wiping?

I was a medic in the Army, training consisted of a mock session, many laughs were had.

Get, up, go pee, back to bed.

It was enough of a test.

Damn, eight years of medical school well spent, sure feel bummed about my state school education. Ha!

Though the pain has not reduced much since the injury, the pain is starting to become more manageable, and I have begun to spend more time sitting in my wheel chair to build up my tolerance for travel pains.

Today my breakfast was the whopper pill.

darvaset, whaaaaooo!!!

Just met my copilot back to America, man we are going to be at altitude returning home.

No further news from the med' Washington office other than I will likely leave Tuesday, or perhaps Thursday.

Question: Wanna know where your paychecks go??

Eh eh eh !!!!

Eight Thousand Clams to fly me home.


Probably remember it in the long run any way, this is all kind of blurring together.

Last night it finally sunk in that I am going to have a very long recovery, and I do need to prepare for the possibility of not returning, though it is going to be a difficult decision I can't help but think of the next 45 days of recovery of any else but an opportunity while doing nothing to explore my future and review the past year and a half.

There are a few projects back home that were going to need my attention so I am already starting to put a positive spin the situation, and plan on taking advantage of this opportunity to dedicate my self to reviewing my work, applying to some horticulture programs, and secondly look for possible work in VA while living with Cathy, after the Peace Corps.

Then if these things starting falling into order, then what?

Do I return to Niger? Or stay in America and use the time as a opportunity to advance to my next destination.

Ok that about sums it all up, time to strap back in and sleep another night off, one closer to home….wow

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