Damn Good Biking

Damn Good Biking
Mammath Mountain

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

5-22-08 Hear....The Latest News....or read I guess.

the latest news.

I have fractured the L1 vertebrae in my lower back and will be flown to Kansas City sometime 'round the end of the month. Then I will be immediately in contact with doctors and will begin a rigorous program of physical therapy and get healthy and hopefully return to Niger after a 45 day medical leave from the Peace Corps.

So between then and now my only plans are to rest, relax, digest my experiences, and plan my next move during medical leave. "To Come back or Not"

You know but despite all this I am thankful.


I know it all has sounded terrible but I would never trade out these times for any other and instead of thinking of this as tragic I choose to think of this occasion as an enrichment of my experience, "you have to take the good with bad" …. right?

As far as I have wandered from home and all the shit that has been served since stepping away from there over a year ago, I'm stepping up for another serving and going to keep hacking out living some of the greatest times in my life.

When I signed up for this journey, I was drawn to it because it’s the life I wanted for myself, it’s the life of the open road I am drawn to. I have always sought out for the thrill of the unexpected, and meeting new people whom we share our journey's with.

New experiences are the fuel for the soul.

Living like this can be at times dangerous, its not always sweet stories of us dreamily making our way around the world. You need to take every precaution and always be attentive to our surroundings. I take necessary measures but you can't prevent or control the fact that things happen sometimes not in your favor.

Prior to coming here friends and family attempted to dissuade my decision to come because of the "what if's"

Though this could be considered somewhere in the gray area of "what if's" so they were right, "it" could have happend. But so what, I'll take some broken bones and the experiances even flat on my back here anyday over not have coming here.

If one is going to step out in the world and ever try to make something out of their life you can't be afraid of "what ifs".

As mum said today, its called life.

Currently I am working out the logistics of dispersing my herd of animals and finding a place for myself in this moment and hopefully for the ones afterwards

Oddly I feel prepared for this situation. I have had to stop and alter my life due to my body being unable to keep up with the spirit; it certainly will not be the last

Maybe there is something into this spirit not body existence.

But seriously I need to start kicking my feet and preparing for some difficult decisions, since leaving the comforts of the nest and wandering off on my own I learned quickly that to live in this capacity one needs to know how to make some pretty bad ass lemonade from wimpy lemons.

Many moons ago prior to wayfaring I quit the Army and ran off to Europe to see how far I could go in this world on my own with nothing else other than the desire to see the world (peacefully) and with an interest to see how the others lived.

Living in Europe taught me how to swing through life like Tarzan so to speak, one hand is always grasping the past, while the other reaches for the future.

Tomorrow I am talking with the boss's and going to pitch some ideas and listen to their advice.

I don't want to get into the details yet because they are very uncertain, and I want to convey this as accurately as possible.

I am in good hands, good spirits and looking forward to….well I guess swell times back home.

till then,,,jeez I am drugged.

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