Damn Good Biking

Damn Good Biking
Mammath Mountain

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

5-23-08 A familiar role: the comeback kid

The most difficult portion of this experience it seems of tonight will be acceptance.

Like the crusty bread that sorely passed down the gullet following another pain killer, I am going coming to have to accept the severity of this mishap, and still not have a clue how to digest it.

Today I was asked my opinion by the doctor if I would like to choose at this time a medical separation, thus terminating my tenure with the Peace Corps. As I lay awake late at night my thoughts weigh heavily on my mind and the realization that I have to make some difficult decisions sets in.

For now I don't want to do anything hasty, Niger has taught patience above all other things. But seriously so much has occurred over such a short time that its going to take a while to take down this latest bite off Niger.

"Actually starting to think Niger is taking a bite out of me."

Now I feel like that sappy kid on the movies where everyone roots for me to "make it back on my feet" after a "football injury" or something like that.

As for my decision, lets not worry about tomorrow's problems today.

My first mission is home, then healing, but swinging from the vines….always….always…always.

So the news of Today is that I will be flying home Sunday, or Tuesday.

Holy Shit tomorrow is Sunday!!!!

Aaaaagh I am in a vacuum of time…. ahhhhhhhhhh….Home.


Tomorrow the doctor from Air France is coming to evaluate me and make an analysis based on his judgment of my ability to travel or not. We assume it to be a joke of an evaluation, apparently he's kind of out there with nothing to do.

Without seeing me he wanted to fly me home on a stretcher…

Okay I'll agree, but only if I'm permitted to fly home in a white toga with ivy laurels, golden goblets of wine, tubs of grapes optional.

We just want a big fat business class seat, so hopefully my only discomfort will be waking up between flights or waking taking my pills to take me back down the rabbit hole.

All legal, no worries.

Tomorrow they are going to try me out on some whoppers of pain meds, frankly they scare the holy ghost out of me, its frightening to be under the control of such powerful substances, but when has the illusion of being under control of anything ever been real.

A part of the majesty of the journey is relying on the kind hands of strangers from time to time when we are torn and tattered.

This will be a flight I plan to hopefully not remember.

Speaking of the subject, sleepy time has come, always the greatest trip.

Alright be well everyone, I am.

Josh! Josh! Josh!!!!! Josh!!!!!! Josh!!! Raaa raaa haaa raaaa!!!

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