Damn Good Biking

Damn Good Biking
Mammath Mountain

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

5-22-08 Brokeback Joshua

"Brokeback Josh"

Go ahead laugh it up.

Its what my friend Khoi has just hooked me in the ribs with.


insult, left jab

Score cards judge 1st round to the 5 foot 2 little Mongolian

"shifty bastard"

So by now most of the initial shock of discovering the extent of my injury, and my exhaustion from the incredible hobble from Maradi, Aguie, Dan Saga, Aguie, Maradi, and twelve hour bus ride to Niamey has settled in and beginning to level out.

Anger,Fear, Acceptance.

This storm of misfortune has left me badly bent in many ways, upon reflecting at this moment.

I understand how my horse felt after the big rain storm the night prior to leaving for Niamey. Due to the severity of the storm I left him alone by the well and when I came to retrieve him he was PISSED!!!

Attaboy tried to Bite, rear up,,,punch,,Rear up, Kick!



I jerk the rope he's tethered to and bring his head to my eye level


Bitch slap across the snout,

He hated that, but he straightens up.

I apologize, we both react terribly to the other, but everything levels out.

When he reared and attempted to attack he felt alone, afraid and abandoned, we all feel that way at times. The temporary upheaval of the normality triggers the worst in us.

I sigh and chuckle, I understand the temper, in many ways we are quite similar.

I forgive Attaboy, he comes in for a nuzzle, and affectionate nip. I love him, and despite flipping out and my making me wrestle with him with a broken back his outburst is justified and understood.

he loves me.

Also WOW!!!

The wave of support, love, kindness and concern for this poor wayfarer has been extraordinary and its only the first day after hitting the mats after a devastating couple blows .

Thank you, thank you, and thank you all!!!

Altogether about six different language groups have reached out over the last couple days and have pushed well wishes and prayers all over the place towards here.

I will never forget how wonderful it is at this time in my life to feel so loved by so many.

Now down to the nuts and bolts.

You know me, grass don't grow too well underneath these feet and though many projects and plans have been spoiled, the wheels are already in motion as what to do next and apparently.

Apparently, so are some of the plans others have for me.

Stevenson, "Run With It"

Front row ticket kind of treatment sounds like the best kind of medicine.

Not going to lie, being bed and wheelchair bound for a spell is going to suck, and as Dr. Lauraunt accurately spoke today in his very french way

"eyeeecee yuuuu r zie type thaat heaalz weeen outttters aur aurouund"

Just the kind of creature to be so fortunate to have such wonderful friends and family.

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