Damn Good Biking

Damn Good Biking
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Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year, New Decade, New Beginings, Same old Me!!!

Can you remember where you were a decade ago?

I remember hazily New Years Eve, the millennium, New Orleans, a young, inexperienced and frisky kid wandering the unknown french quarter, but intrigued. I guess at that time I was interested about the world enough, but not a clue where I fit into it. A week after New Orleans I shipped out with my Army unit to Osaka Japan to help run a health clinic during training operations.

Japan was my first time out of the United States it was a welcomed break from my first paltry academic performances at school. The Mark Twain quote comes to mind of "Don't let your schooling interfere with your education" Sounded like good advice so I took it. My month in Japan was one of the most defining moments of my life.

To say the travel bug bit hard would be an understatement.

Fast forward 10 years, 14 countries, 4 continents, and many journeys living, working, studying, and traveling abroad and domestically. No real goal comes to mind other than simply attempt to better understand the world and learn how to live meaningfully in my own right.

Geez, thinking of me as that kid makes me chuckle. Despite my experiences starting from that date hanging from the rafters of that glorious city off the big muddy, I am grateful to say I still don't have a clue about the world. But I sure as heck am still eager to learn.

If anything about what I have learned is this: If you follow your feet and passions it seems life has a way of taking care of itself or in my case bringing it all back full circle.

Me a farmer? It made my family laugh when I came back from Africa.

Farming is a multiple generational occupation within my family. Its part of why I joined the service before I graduated high school, college didn't appeal to me and farming was something I swore I'd never do.
Now its all I want to.

Monday, January 4th 2010 I leave from my current abode in Charlottesville Virginia and go to visit my new home in Sauk Centre Minnesota for a month. In tow with a mandolin, computer, some clothes, bedding and my new puppy I am very eager to get to the farm assessed evaluate the structures, soils, and growing spaces while also initiating the process of meeting the natives.

As far as my wayfaring ways are considered, they will never be done.
But for the immediate future, I am looking forward to the prospect of waking up for many years at one location and continue to learn more about the world while creating a home. Its a warm feeling to have a future shining as bright as the sun, nothing could be better than being the 1st farm manager and part of a team focused on redefining veterans services. that 21 year old kid 10 years ago never would have thought I would be helping to start an intentional community for military veterans.

This next portion of my life would not have been possible without the shaping and molding from my four amazing parents. The patience and wisdom of my grandmothers, the adoption of myself by many other mothers and families and friends around the world who have always seemed to be there to pass on and share their knowledge, food and homes to get me along while wayfaring along my merry way.

I am utterly in awe of the beauty and magnificence of this world. Not a day hardly passes where I am not taken by the earths plants, terrain, wildlife, humans, and wonderful little puppies like the one snuggling next to me. They all regularly fill my heart with joy and wonder at the diversity of creation.

Honestly I don't really care to know who or what created it. To know would ruin the surprise and mystique.

Besides what would happen if it was like some intergalatic hillbilly creator?
Like a cousin eddy from the chevy chase family vacation movies.
I suppose knowing might explain the wisdom in some of the worlds more peculiar creations. You know ones like the duck billed platapus and Rush Limbaugh.

Lastly so so so sorry for being out of touch on this darn blog for the last half year, a lot has occurred, way more than one could imagine. Maybe someday I'll write more reflectively.

Till then, ta ta for now and happy new year.

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