Damn Good Biking

Damn Good Biking
Mammath Mountain

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Greet'ns from the Road

Hello folks, I am sitting warmly in a public library in Saint Louis.

I arrived yesterday after about 17 hours of being in the car.
Straight Shot, well I took about a 5 hour nap after being up for over 24 hours and flying cross country, just to then pack all the stuff up and head back west to where I flew from.....whew!!!

Agadez the super pup is a marvelous road dog, but is a bit of a bed hog in the truck.

The first night spent in Louisville I spent on my back in the fetal position as wonder pup slept beneath my feet.

Why not put him on the floor board you ask?
I tried, but when he is determined to sleep somewhere its like trying to plug a leak in a damn with your finger.

I'm staying in Saint Louis until Friday and then moving on to Warrensburg, (old college town) then to KC for a week, then my farm for a week, then Sauk Center Minnesota for who knows how long....but I hope long. I need a home.

The road trip thus far has been awesome, I love traveling and experiencing the joy of seeing the diversity of our country and the people we meet along the way are not to shabby of a perk as well.

so yes, single, homeless, and without regular paychecks coming in does have its drawbacks; but this is the happiest I have been in the last couple years. And they have been good years spent all over the country doing the things I love; A life devoted to creating music, traveling, farming, and eating good food regularly sure is a tough way to go.

I am loving life greatly and appreciating the joys of having Agadez the super pup always at my side.

but damn, charlie, my other dog.......sheeeeeeeeeee is going to be pissssSSSSssed!!


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