Damn Good Biking

Damn Good Biking
Mammath Mountain

Sunday, January 3, 2010

A new dance number

Well today is the day.

My first month at my new home in Minnesota begins today.
Big grin here.

Flight travel begins in Charlottesville VA at 0714 and ends about 1330 in Minneapolis.
From there its about a two our drive with the boss man Jimmie Coulthard until we arrive at the campus.

It will be a big change coming from the mild eastern winters versus the rugged and burly -20 below temperatures of the northern plains.

Am I prepared?
Was I for Niger when the mercury rose to 130+ F?

Who is? But you have to literally "weather it out", take your lumps and get adjusted.

My feet are leading this dance, no need for control, I'm liking this number.

Will it be a feeling like Niger? When I arrived in my village for the first time it felt as it took 30 years to arrive at a place that had been waiting for me.

If I only had the time to mention all that I learned there.

They were my family, the village was my home.
I thrived, if anything, this is all I seek for my next journey.

What a lovely word.

Well its about 0115 in the morning, wake up is at 0600.
You do the math, I need sleep.

Bon chance!

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