Damn Good Biking

Damn Good Biking
Mammath Mountain

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Salaam Aleikum!

Finally back in Charlottesville Virginia, whew!

I did it, two and a half weeks living on the road carrying little more than a small messenger bag with a couple changes of clothes and the mandolin which is what I would typically travel about Niger.

This was a wonderful journey, not only was it an opportunity to explore my options after the Peace Corps, visit with old mates-making new ones, then filling the rest of gaps Jamm'n, farm'n, hike'n, all in effort to "cautiously" challenge myself as a final test to learn for myself if I am physically fit enough to return.

I learned I don't know my third week in Niger that if your not 100% or damn near then don't do anything. Seriously. Heal. Niger is welcoming and really lovely but it is a mean bastard if you wander into the elements without caution.

Where would I even begin, damn I am just so happy to have been able to do all those things. You guys have no idea how difficult it has been to have my wings clipped, nearly my entire time spent here has been indoors laying about resting/healing in between rehab and jamming and exploring the local scene.


A happy man is at this end slowly typing away.

there will be a full write up of the exploits, check in regularly this week I will try to post something each day.

O yeah I was offically released from the Peace Corps...ashaa, but no worries I worked it out and will be returning to Niger in about two and a half weeks, as a fully reinstated hopeless idealist and dirty hippy.


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