Damn Good Biking

Damn Good Biking
Mammath Mountain

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Red Dreams

Hi guys this is a really random post.

I wrote this in an email to my step mom I think she was feeling a little bruised and abused from not hearing from me for a while so jotted down this dream I just woke from.

I know a dream, how flaky, but its short and funny enjoy.

Its 0434 just woke up from a dream, I and a few of my peace corps
buddies were flying back into the USA but we didn't come in on a
civilian airport, we entered at a military one, and as we are going
through we notice a lot of russians loading and unloading weapons and
many other things that look like a shady deployment of russian
military on US soil.

As I am walking through I am beaming at the American military police I can't help but quip'
"kind of lack security round here eh?"

they look back, unarmed and like pound puppies looking for a home reassuraing me they are getting hosed over on this deal.

So we exit the military compound and there are two uninspired and bewildered protesters sitting outside apathetically on the curb only looking in and still not grasping what is it that's actually wrong.

So then someone shouts "hey josh, you gonna protest this?"

"Ah, well, ok"

So i put down my bags, steal the megaphone from the protesters and say,
Hey ruskies, Putin scrubs submarines....Mine!

Without breaking stride I give back the megaphone and pick up my things and move on

everyone laughs, and apparently me too, it woke me from my dream laughing.

okay that's it.

Today I am going to King George Va with cathy she has work out there, but i am going to have here drop me off in Fredricksburg on the way so I can go to a super mandolin store and test out some high dollar mandolin's. I am getting really itchy to buy myself that certain something as a gift for a job well done after the Peace Corps.

I know, needs and wants, but after you play my current mando, but from the sahel sun the wood is as dried up as fried pepperoni, and has the action of a geriatric rocking it out at a eagles concert.

I see ovaltine and prune juice sponsors not Budweiser in this vision.

O'yeah lastly Cat' and I went to awesome pizza place, they sported live bluegrass, met the band, mando player. We are meeting up soon hopefully, on the ground and running as they say.


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