Damn Good Biking

Damn Good Biking
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Monday, July 7, 2008

Oh my back!!

Today was my first session of physical therapy and so far after only doing breathing and relearning how to use my internal muscles that do all the work instead of the bigger bulky ones that have hindered all the rest I am tired.

Never thought breathing, tightening my stomach and simply raising my legs a few inches off the table would be so laboring but they are. I know baby steps, baby steps.

One session down, and two per week from here on out.

I am still waiting anxiously on the Peace Corps to decide whether I will be able to take a couple vacation weeks to supplement my time here instead of them going ahead and medically terminating my service, which will be undoubtedly more painful than the actual back injury.

Just a different type of hurt is all.

Often I think back of Niger, what are they doing, how is the rainfall, are the crops all in, are they missing me, has my time served there as an agriculturalist made any impact?

I think positively of my service and still see this current predicament of not belonging anywhere as just another few steps on my journey's.

On the domestic home front the devastating rains have left many farmers without crops for the year and many more close to home have lost investments not only in their fields, time, and operating costs but also in ruined equipment stemming from the levee's breaking or the torrential storms washing away the crops.

Often my heart flutters to think of their loss and and I pray that my African home does not suffer in the other extreme with a dry year. My heart beats optimistically hopeful that despite the devastation both of my homes can manage, or more so bounce back without losing everything. Though the situations are contrasting the stakes are equally as severe.

Ok that's it from Charlottesville, be well everyone, and don't worry I am getting better.



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So sorry to hear about your broken back man! Does this mean you will be back in the states for a period of time? It would be great to swap stories over a few beers! Get well soon and all the best!