Damn Good Biking

Damn Good Biking
Mammath Mountain

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

6-24-08 Peace Corps Redux

I am in a new home

Little or no appalacian language skills

No jingle in my pocket,

And every step away from home is one step farther away from the comforts of

My new makeshift one.

Peace Corps Redux, the domestic deployment.

Has it only been a week?

Time does not fly when stuck to the throwback orange fireball of couch and though my

tiny sporadic burst escaping the gravity field were short each were enjoyable.

Mountain drives, Bone scans, jams with new folk, and sampling many a new varities of quality

Ales were just the right treats. Even managed a couple dates with the misses.

Last week had its high and lows, Its a rough transition, no friends new home, and living with someone I love, but hardly know….

Hello we are spending the rest of our lives together, you fart in your sleep?

Man it scary when you finally get what you asked for, so I guess its natural to have a couple

Discharges of the "Oh Shits!"

I guess though with any major life change the feeling is to be nervous, or on emotionally a

Little on edge. Today I talked with the future home maker and was relieved to hear that she was

Even feeling the same way.

Listen 1 of getting engaged, get comfortable with thinking over and over and over,

Was this the right choice, what if, what if, if she, if I, if we, aaaaaagh!!!

But no worries, there is a break in every storm.

Today I woke, feeling more relaxed, less sore, and definitely ready to start charting my own

Trail through Charlottesville.

So I walked and explored for the closest bus stops, found a new place to play mandolin near a local community pond, and then went out to shoot hoops and swim a couple laps. Slowly Slowly.

While the storm pauses its time to get situated and find my way.

I think everything is going to be just fine.

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