Damn Good Biking

Damn Good Biking
Mammath Mountain

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

6-16-08 Transplanting a Human

36 Days since the accident

16 Days since Leaving Niger

15 Days in America

3 Days Since becoming engaged to the Future Misses Anderson

2 Days in Charlottesville Virginia

? Days left in America

? Days until Leaving for Niger

?Days until returning from Niger

? Days until Cat' and I are married

…….loving every single day?

You bet!

As you can no doubt gather this stumble around the world threw us all a little off course.

Can you believe I am all the way in Charlottesville with Cat'! Meow I am loving this place

and its only day two.

Though I have not reconned the entire city what little I have seen, been to, and done has

shown me that C'ville indeed as Dickson said would be the place for me.

Since dropping in on an unsuspecting college town I have been slowly gathering intel

pointing me toward numerous objectives, and like a guerilla blugrasser/outdoorsman/bush wacker

waiting for his chance to strike, I fully anticipate when healthy to be partaking in all types of mayhem.

There's mountians in the near distance, rivers so close I can feel their presence in my veins, mountainbiking, National Forrest, Camping,musicfoodculture….and best of all my future Misses.

And I want to go back to Niger?


four -five months tops.

Then winter sports in the mountains!!!!

Skiing, Never done it, I will.

Looking into honing the music already met some UVA professors and started playing with them

Work, maybe, looking into that.

As good as times are I admit there there are little bumps

Nothing big but there is a huge contrast between living in an African village versus an American apartment complex.

My ears perk eager to hear the sounds of animals foraging at my doorstep, but disappointedly only hear the shrieking weed eaters and chomping lawn mowers polluting my listening space.

Such a short span of time to adjust.

So the adjustment is mainly cultural.

The love nest Cat' has made is wonderful. Its artistic, cultured, comfy and hints at an eccentric's presence.

Our first night alone alone without anyone around was wonderful. Its comical but yesterday was the first time we have been on the same continent alone without sharing a hostel, house, or car, with loads of other people.

None the less we have never done normal couple things!

For example yesterday we ran errands in our lazy Sunday's and laughed with each other at dusk on the back patio sharing a couple drinks, dinner and laughs.

And today is Cat's birfday!!!

Feliz Cumpleanos!!!

Back is sore , and finally tomorrow I am having my first doctors appointment!!!


Okay that's all the noise from this end, I am going to rest and do some healing.

sai anjima!

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Overeducated Twit said...

Congratulations to the both of you :).