Damn Good Biking

Damn Good Biking
Mammath Mountain

Monday, February 12, 2007


So to detail briefly my training routine.
0630 Wake UP
0700 Yoga
0730 Breakfast, tea, oatmeal, bread
0800-1000 Language lessons (Hausa)
1045-1200-Cross Culture/Medica/Safety Class
1200-1400 Freetime
1400-1530 Hausa Language
1600-1700 Agriculture Activities ( I have two gardens)
1700-1800 Happy Hour
1830-2100 Hang out with host family
2200 Bed time

The people I am with are great and I enjoy our ventures incountry. So far I have trekked to some villages far away from my post during fieldtrips and have seen many intersting things which you all will be informed of soon.

All the best,


Mandy Marley and Me said...

I'm very disappointed with your latest entry. You e-mail eluding to adventures taking on charging bulls, putting out house fires (maybe that was "outhouse" fires an allusion to Mr. D) and living with a general rock-star persona. Now I see your blog and I get a schedule. You're killing me Josh, you're killing me. I am glad to see that you're learning Hausa instead of French. Should give you more street cred. with the locals. (Yeah, I said street cred., what are you going to do about it?)

For now, Keep on Keepin' on...I'll be checking back frequently for some good conversation fodder.

Cecilia said...

Hello my friend! I assume for the short posts that you have little time and access to Internet (as you threatened when you left), however I am glad you are safely living now with a host family and that adventures are starting. Hopefully you will have some more time to post details and maybe some pictures?
Anyway, just be aware that we think of you and hope everything is fine.

Send you a big hug from Mexico City. Hope to hear from you soon!!