Damn Good Biking

Damn Good Biking
Mammath Mountain

Monday, February 12, 2007

Taking life by the horns

Hello friends, family, and all loved ones!!
I am currently alive and well, despite being admitted at the peace corps clinic for dehydration and diahrrea. But that's minor, no biggy. I head back to training tomarrow.

So many of you are wondering what exactly are you doing in Niger. My answer taking life by the horns, and many other great things. During my first week here in country I was walking in the market looking at livestock when that that all to familiar sensation of liquid poo squeezed between my toes so stopping to think to myself .... shit! I owe a round of beers, then I heard screams in an unfamilar language and found myself looking into the eyes of a very large bull with very sharp horns charging towards me.
So there I was, no time to think only react so I hunkered down extended my arms and grabbed my foe by the horns and with all my strength shifted his head away from my targeted torso. then dodged the beligerant bovine and watched thankfully as the future T-Bone charge ahead towards other trainees while pinning many nigerians behind my back. Stupid white people don't you know your not supposed to run, just wait and get out of the way.
Afterwards the nigerians jumped up and down then pointed out that I was white and that I had wrestled a bull...No bullshit...except for that between the toes. Next morning after my neighbors hut burned down and guess who was first to help prevent the flames from spreading.....yours truely...Two days and I already had street cred. My host family is proud of me.
Times are good



shana said...

Whoa! that sounds amazing! just goes to show that nothing's getting in your way! and if it does you'll take it head on!

SO what's this about YOGA??? what kind of YOGA? I forgot to tell you I started a YOGA teacher training program here in Prague, After 4 months training i'm going to start teaching! It's amazing and life changing.

Love the stories! keep em coming

love Shana

Bex said...

if you weren't already my hero darlin' you are now... If a bull's ever charging me I'll channel your strength and courage.


domforth said...

Ha ha - already sounds like non-stop action - hope you're having a good time out there man and feeling better!