Damn Good Biking

Damn Good Biking
Mammath Mountain

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Whats anutta yeahr?

31 Years young.

June 25th 1978 between the hours 0800-0900 my mother brought me into this magical world.
I have been kicking and screaming every since. "-)

On my birthday I woke at the butt crack of dawn and made breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 45 fungry farmers. Yes fungry, part fun, part hungry.

A day well spent listening to music, talking with loved ones, having a PBR here and there and sharing the kitchen with a mad English born-"Irish adopted" ole' gent.

Kevin is from County Clair and aside from being a rad guy he can also be considered the worlds leading expert in native variety Irish orchard trees.

Seriously dialed in, damn good teacher, much better friend.

June 25th carries many distinctions as a historical date.

Did you know my birth day also coincides with:
North Korea invading South Korea:1950
The patent of barbed wire 1830ish
The day General Custer was served his last pie…

And now…... the dubious distinction of the day Michael Jackson and Farrah Faucet perished and took their new journey into the unknown.

To celebrate MJ-FF lives as well as the living-we are rejoicing with three other people here who have the same birthday, and two of those are twins!!

It’s the day after the event and what a grand regal time complete with disco ball, free flowing libations, dancing, merry jubilation as well as lovely fresh picked blueberry pie from the farm as well as the greatest happy birthday song ever sang to me.

Bless my fellow farmers.
Many blessings to all,
Thanks for reading, keep on keep'n on.

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