Damn Good Biking

Damn Good Biking
Mammath Mountain

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Up howl'n with the Dawg

What a wonderful weekend.

Thursday marked the beginning of a rock star weekend.

June 25th I celebrated my birthday by cooking for the fellow farmers; breakfast, lunch, and dinner. From 0600-1900 the humble servant was night held inside the kitchen. Well it wasn't that bad, I had some PBR's listened to good music and enjoyed the company of another apprentice.

Friday was devoted towards celebrating and knocking another notch on the birthday belt. Best of all, oddly enough, this year there are three other apprentices who share the same birthday as moi.

So in remembrance to the king of pop, we boogied the night away in the Farm Center to all the MJ classics.

The next day I decided to tap into my creative center and then I spent the better part of Saturday transforming my barren campsite into a creative place of zen.

After a honest attempt at beautification the result was a nice redwood shag carpet for a front lawn and some foraged lawn ornaments doubled as chairs, tables, and art…all in the form of chopped up trees!

No hubcaps but plenty of empty mason or moonshine jars (depending geographically) ….though there is no 'shine to fill the jars I chose flower bouquets.

Who would have thought I had a knack for making floral arrangements?

So after the landscaping, a leisurely hot outdoor shower, and cold frosty oat soda; I mustered enough steam to trudge up the hill on campus and watch the closing night for the David Grisman mandolin symposium being held on at the auditorium.

From there I am going to cease this blog entry. But weary not I am going to devote an entirely fresh entry to mark the evenings festivities.

I will say nay but this.

That whole life checklist thingy…put a big freak'n red check mark on it.

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