Damn Good Biking

Damn Good Biking
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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A report from Niger...that one place over there I once lived.

Niger is plagued with many problems, one of them happens to be the government. It is a country largely ran by politicians how openly participate in corruption beyond our scope of reference in America....

well strike that...we know they are corrupt, just much better at concealing it.

Here is a perfect example of how much the Nigerien politicians disregard the rest of the country and only care for themselves.

I recently found some hidden gems of blog entries that were misplaced during my transition back to 'merica after i had my accident. they will be posted in the next day or two....In sha allah...."If god wills it!"

Niamey - Thousands of protesters took to the streets across Niger to protest a budget that awarded lawmakers millions of dollars in benefits and expenses, reports said on Tuesday.

The demonstrators marched in four cities, including almost 10 000 in eastern Zinder to highlight "the squandering by lawmakers of the country's meagre resources", private radio stations reported.

Last week parliament approved a budget worth more than $15.5m with half the money being allocated for lawmakers' expenses and benefits, according to Nouhou Arzika who organised the protests.

The protests followed Sunday's demonstrations against modifying the country's constitution to grant a third five-year term for President Mamadou Tandja. - AFP

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