Damn Good Biking

Damn Good Biking
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Friday, October 31, 2008

Its Halloween.....eeaooaaahhhhoo!!!!! Change is Scary!!!

Hello folks, slying to CA tomorrow wanted to say sai anjima before heading out and to part with these words.

Vote for Barack Obama.

It comes to no surprise I support him, I'm a liberal.

But it doesn't mean I would like the guy. Initially weary of him, Obama has proved to be a man of integrity, character, intellect, eloquence and curiosity. Until this very morning I remained skeptical if he can be the leader he is proclaimed to be.

On every front considering this election Barack has shown to be truly exceptional and has conducted himself as what I would consider to be presidential. On the other hand my once high opinion of John McCain has been irreparably damaged as every thing he once was respected for proved to be nothing more than a life built on fabrications and cover ups.

The only thing he can actually stand on with dignity is that he once was a POW, but that doesn't make him presidential.

Bush is a mediocre son of a American dynasty, McCain is sub-mediocre and from one of America's most revered military families. Bush has utterly corrupted our systems, trashed our global reputation, and only can only proclaim "mission accomplished" for destabilizing the world an ultimately bringing down the worlds last hegemonic super- power. Us.

What can McCain seriously do differently in the next four years that he hasn't already agreed to for 90% of the time over the last eight.

Eight years have been enough, I honestly can't take another four....or more, we see it everywhere, America seriously needs change.

If McCain wins, I'll support him objectively. But….but……but.

But if Palin becomes Peeps after the old oak falls before the first 100 days. Well then America you just voted in Karl Rove's second presidential candidate. (We can all at least agree he is a slimy fucker right?)

Do the right thing, vote for flipp'n obama.

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