Damn Good Biking

Damn Good Biking
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Tuesday, December 11, 2007


If you have not heard the news yet, here it is.

Recenlty within the last two days land mines have exploded in my city, (Maradi) and another volunteers city. (Tahoua) There were two nigerien deaths and a few injuries.

Also about two weeks ago another ordinance exploded in the city of Dosso in close proximity to one of the States’ largest fuel collection points.

No Peace Corps volunteers have been harmed or is in danger.
I would like to forever repeat that.

Currently we are all on stand down, which means that all volunteers are on lockdown to their current position, either village or regional city. If the violence escalates then the next process will be to collect all volunteers to their regional capital until further notice from the Peace Corps administration.

But if the worst occurs then all PCV’s will be collected, sent to Niamey, and then we will close up shop and wait outside of Niger until the higher ups decide whether to continue our efforts in Niger or not.

But if things continue to escalate and this occurs then PCV’s have the choice to either wait things out, or commit to another Peace Corps program and contiue their service for the duration of their contract.

Currently we have three volunteers from Guinea how were relocated after violence and unrest earlier this year.

Might be interesting to serve in two different places. But Shush, none of that talk.

Dan Saga is home.

As can be expected many of us are praying that this doesn’t occur, Peace Corps Niger is one of the longest running programs in the operation and it would be a pity if once again the unrest of man and his worst of his virtues to wage war against fellow man has once again prevented others from living in peace.

It definitely isn’t the first time that my time here or my life has been affected by this foul virtue of man.

Its shaped my life, guess its why i do what i do.

Someone has to wayfarepeacefully.

Unsure of what I would do if the worst occurs, I feel confident stepping onto that plane returning to the Estados Unidos (USA) on Thursday the 13th, that I will be able to return after my vacation and that this journey was not spent in vain.

Okay I will write more about this tomorrow but for the time being I just wanted to give a brief summary of the current news.

Peace be onto you all, my devotion to promoting it could not be more emboldend

p.s. Merry Christmas.


Geek Princess said...

Incoming volunteer pestering again to wish you and all the volunteers a safe winter. News of the explosions hasn't been publicized here, for which I'm thankful as my family might lock me in a windowless room to keep me from going, but I'm hoping it all settles down so that your work can continue. Keeping my fingers crossed for you and all the PCVs.

Overeducated Twit said...

I too heard nothing of these incidents, but am glad to hear you're well all the same.

Your statement on man's foul virtue was eloquently put, by the way. Stay safe, and I hope you have a good visit(?) home.