Damn Good Biking

Damn Good Biking
Mammath Mountain

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I am in Health…..kinda kinda

Okay so I was released from the clinic today and overjoyed to be released to my own devices in the greatest sandbox of all time.

The Diagnosis…Well who knows, after a week full of being donating fluids of all types then being pricked, prodded, palpated and ordered to rest my arm looks less like one of a volunteer and one more of a needle junky….and its not over yet Grrrr!!!!

Shrugging our shoulders and scratching our heads the doctor and myself just equated my sickness to the last couple tumultuous weeks out of my village.

I guess my body just said enough was enough and decided to make me stop, and man I am glad that it did, the cheeseburgers in Niamey are exquisite!

This has been a good opportunity once again to learn my limitations and how to deal with new challenges thrown my way.

But seriously three weeks ago I left my village packed for four days, since then I have traveled to the far eastern reaches of the Peace Corps got lost out in the bush, lost my friend (matt for the war) and then picked up whatever garden variety of insidious virus, bacteria, vermin, amoeba, or god knows what else kind of infection that crept into my system.

Friday the 16th I will be heading back to Maradi and then will be resting for a couple days after that maybe until thanksgiving, so till then I will be working on the planning stage of seeking funding for a field day in my village (teaching how to work with acacia trees and make food from their seeds), then build a bigger tree nursery, and then acquire enough seed and other materials to potentially plant around 6,000 trees next year after my return.

Happily I was not chosen to be a volunteer trainer this year, after this stint away from the ‘ville and my rapidly approaching future vacation back to the land of opulence and indulgence I need to spend as much time as possible there.

Okay I am tired, not cranky, but seriously very hungry so I am going to get going so until again sai anjima.

Thanks for all your phone calls, emails, and prayers while I was helpless and laid up

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