Damn Good Biking

Damn Good Biking
Mammath Mountain

Sunday, October 28, 2007

News from our Situation

Okay clan, here is what’ s going on.

I am in Niamey, a group of us have gotten together and we are going to fight!

Matt is completely on board and is going to refuse to return to Iraq, so we have a lot of work to do, but with a unified message and the help of everyone this will catch a fire.

Concerning our message we wish to stay out of the politics of the debate, this issue with Matt is beyond the legitimacy or status of the Iraq war, this is a human issue. We want to raise the issue of matt’s problem and fix this situation, peace corps volunteers are serving our country, and they should be allowed to continue thier service.

We need to strive towards influencing key legislators, especially in New Mexico (matt's home state) and change department of defense policy and prevent this from reoccurring in the future.

I have finally calmed down and have accepted the situation, but however the question remains?

What does it say about the Peace Corps or America when we start pulling our peace makers out of their post to go off to war?

Initially this has been devastating to the morale of everyone in PC Niger, but many have rallied together and we realize that we do have a chance to get what we want, now we just have to generate the buzz.

Last night was a pretty difficult evening, Matt and I and a few others gathered at a friends house and we played, oh lord we played. Throughout the night many misty eyes were looked on as matt and I jammed, we all thought this was the end.

Fortunately Air France is having a little strike or protest, so they are not able to fly Matt out of the country until Tuesday so we are going to have a few extra nights with him until he departs and get everything strted. I will for sure be in Niamey until Tuesday or Wednesday 30th/31st, so call, email, text, if your in.

But man we all needed to unwind last night, we were all at our nerves ends, so thank you “mai gida” (head of the house hold) for the great food, fantastic beverages and providing a place we could sit around, relax, and be allowed without distraction to do what we do best with our imaginations and instruments. Damn I am going to miss our jam sessions!!!!

Currently we are coming together and there are many things in the works to get things moving. So by Tuesday there should an information packet for everyone to have and use for wide spread dispersion.

It cannot be stress enough, this needs to get out, and we need to be out there promoting peace.

So as Matt begins his legal battle and other obstacles I will be coming home in a month for support and if possible we are going to try and connect and hit the road so to speak, talk with groups, media, who ever.

It is critical that we get out and start promoting peace and talk about how matt is going to help vets with his veterans farm. We also have a lot to share about what its like to promote peace, work towards establishing food security, and many other ramblings.

Damn it feels good to be able to joke about this now, seriously the tension has been thick.

As for my own movements, its true that christmas is a difficult time to mobilize or arrange for events but I am coming home the 13th and by the 14th I am willing to come to schools, churches or where ever to start talking with people about this, or just my work in development in general.

If the situation demands, I might be able to extend my time back in the states to work on this issue so seriously guys use us. But remember we make 7$ a day so our resources are limited.

Okay we are having a meeting in about an hour and I’ll keep you up on our efforts.

I also have a lot of good news to tell about my last month of being at post, So much has happened, in essence the entire dynamic of my village life has changed and its all choice stuff.

So hang in there, I am doing better, thanks to the some of you that have already started mobilizing back home, and those who have supported us already.

Yours in peace,



Geek Princess said...

I'm from NM, and heading to PC Niger this January. Anything I can do from here?

wayfaringpeacefully said...

well first let me say congratulations on your coming and we look forward to receiving you in a few short months.

Also there is something you can do, as a NM native, you can write your representatives and voice your concerns.

Our plan here. Currently we are drafting a information packet on this issue for everyone use so we come out with a united front.

We wanted to have it posted by today, but its been hectic, so have patience.

IT MUST BE STRESSED this isn't an anti war campaign, its peace corps looking out for its own, and allowing individuals who are serving thier country in this capacity to be allowed to do so.

We will be posting this information on this blog soon, and will start a mailing list.

Thankyou for your interest, and potentially i will be seeing you at Hamdallaye during your training.

Can i request you bring over a nice bottle of quality bourbon? though frowned down by the Adminstration, you will be greeting with open arms by volunteers.

Just kidding. safe journeys