Damn Good Biking

Damn Good Biking
Mammath Mountain

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Its time to catch a fire!!!!

Now Listen.
this is just to inform you all of current events more official things will be posted soon.
Those of you who know me well know how happy I am here, but in light of recent events the skies have clouded and a storm is brewing in my future and I think I am going everyone’s support and love to pull through this.

Mere days ago I learned that my good friend Matthew Mc Cue who is currently serving in Peace Corps with me is at this time being released from the responsibilities of his Peace Corps service and is being handed redeployed orders to serve another tour as a infantry soldier in Iraq.
A couple of years ago Matt served distinguishably as an infantry platoon sergeant leading his soldiers into the thickest swarms of the urban warfare landscape leaving alive, but in serious need for coming to terms with his war.

Matt’s’ solace was discovered though horticulture and his gifts to humanity and his own personal healing have blossomed beautifully by his understanding of how to nurture life instead of take it. Years spent after his war has been devoted to healing, moving on, and learning how to positively impact other returning veterans.

A few weeks ago matt was recognized for his involvement towards reconciliation and outreach and was flown to the United States to speak about his story at the Farms not Arms Rally, and was also invited as a guest to attend the recent Farm Aid concert. Matt doesn’t involve himself with politics, or committing himself to bipartisan opinions, he lives, he grows things, and he enlightens the word through his work and his self styled “socially sloppy” goofy way of walking through life.

As a result of this act of courageousness he feels he is being punished for his involvement and has been ordered to return to the place that nearly destroyed him. Our goal is to cease the continuing madness and struggle to keep people like matt exactly where they belong.

Waging Peace not War!

What ever your opinion of the war is, or political affiliation, this is not the place or time. If you feel this is an injustice to those who wage peace, and those who served their time then....

This is a time for action.
This is a man who served, did his time, and has healed healthily and continues to reach out to help others unselfishly.

Matt’s goal after the Peace Corps is to attend a horticulture institute and build on his passion for horticulture and promote recovery for other returning vets by establishing farming communities and opportunities for other veterans transitioning from the struggles of Iraq to the United States.

This is a case of those who struggle for peace but are swallowed up by the tidal wave of injustice spread by war.

As the first night of this news slowly digested we thought naively that this had to be unprecedented but sources higher up say Matt is not alone. Since the war has been going on what will be the onset of its 5th year this coming march, many vets who were answering the call for service once again but this time,for peace, are being pulled from our ranks to join the military’s due to contractual agreements after their service.

What kind of days are we living in when answering the call to serve others for peace is trumped by the war?

Though I am former military but not a veteran I as well as many others consider ourselves just that after our Peace Corps service, and we will answer or stand as such when the time comes to honor and recognize the efforts of others.
As Peace Corps volunteers we serve humanities need at great sacrifice to our health, family, and personal lives. Everything we are is invested and challenged for at least two years, some have even lost thier lives in service to our country and humanity.

Do you think this warrants exemption from the recall contract with the military?

Then if so we have a fight and we are going to need everyones help.

Make no mistake about it, matt left with his physical health and the ability to heal emotionally the last tour, if he goes back the chance of returning with either is limited to deathly narrow margins.

As of Sunday, October 28th Matt will leave Niger with an uncertainty of his outcome, in a month I am coming home and I will be silent no more.

As soon as we put together our plan we will need the complete mobilization of our peace movement; we need contacts back in the states to inform everyone possible of this injustice. I know I am coming home in the worst time of the year to do this, but the time to stand up and speak doesn’t adhere to a seasonal calendar.

Matt’s story is the dose of medicine our country needs to stop, listen, and come to the understanding that we tried war, it didn’t take.


My phone number her is 227 96 43 45 22 and I can send and receive text messages any time, but can only speak on the phone on Mondays when I go to my market or to my regional hostel. Which for the next week I will have cell service. Call!!!

In these times both sides are mobilized and when these occasions arise it is the responsibility of the meek, and peacemakers to stand together to show how effective and courageous believing in peace really is.

If you wish to mobilize with us the time is now. Call text, email, write comments on my blog, send this story out, get it generating.
There will be ensuing blog entries and emails that will detail our plan of action so please stay posted, but have patience.

Aside from this development my plan is still to come home and spread my experiences of working as a development worker living in West Africa. My goal is to speak about development issues and raise awareness of this monstrous event.
If you are interested in having me, matt or the both of us to speak, play music, or whatever, please do not hesitate to contact me.
With tears,
and peace steadily guiding my hand….
I love you all.

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