Damn Good Biking

Damn Good Biking
Mammath Mountain

Monday, August 3, 2009

Break Week Blues


Wheezed the farm apprentice.

Break Week? Said another.

Break Week, said the first "wheezing" farm apprentice. (me)

I love farming, farm school is still going well, I just finished my second rotation in the field. But I am pooped.

Farm school is a full contact sport with 39 other apprentices, and though the climate is not extreme, it is nice to break from the outdoor life and settle in some artificial climates.

For instance, last night I slept on the floor of my boss's apartment and enjoyed a ceiling fan….. "A fan"…..I know its not much, but it is all I can handle considering artificial climates.

Hey, it’s a start, running the AC would likely be a little to much too soon.


Next week, my rotation in the down garden begins and from there its going to be flower power pandemonium.


Though my focus is on growing food for folk to eat, working with flowers and making countless bouquets however has given me a great appreciation for enjoying the aesthetic nature of flowers and the intoxicating beauty they posses.

So now I am currently in Davis, CA.
Apparently its hot here, I have heard of temps reaching over 105 F daily, I can't wait, I miss the heat.

Santa Cruz is beautiful, the ocean, mountains, Mediterranean climate, and great food culture is definitely a perk. But its foggy till noon everyday,while the mercury seldom creeps over 85F at its zenith.

As a result there is a missing season for my first full year back in the States. Summer.

Ah summer, the heat, canoe trips, camping, humid nights, entire days worth of booming Midwestern thunderstorms, outdoor concerts, Shakespeare in the park, and the food……

Its August and I just had my 1st bite of sweet corn, peppers are following soon, as well as tomatoes.


Just now sweet corn, no peppers, no tomatoes. Don't get me wrong I’m eating very well, but the dog days of summer are incomplete without the seasonal treats mentioned above.

No salsa, no homemade tomato sauces, grilled sweet corn, "forgetaboutit". Nope.

So here I am in Davis, about to enjoy some of the summer days of sun, potentially I will be seeing a few Peace Corps friends living in the area.

But aside from that my role for the week will be working with the FVC to lay the groundwork for some future events such as fundraisers, veteran recruitment, and planning for Farm Aid in October.

Well that's about it, keep panting off the heat


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