Damn Good Biking

Damn Good Biking
Mammath Mountain

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The second Weekend in....

Greetings folk, today is a chilly mid 40's kind of day here in paradise. A stark climatic contrasts considering taking a field reading of about 96 F last week.

Under the blistering sun, many complained, but right at home was this former sahelien farmer gliding through the glorious grunt work of bed prepping, transplanting, direct seeding, and laying irrigation.

We had a action packed weekend off the farm, on Friday we had a house party complete with all the party normality's; a little dancing, some regurgitations, some more live music jams and many many laughs.

Though it should become a joke myself an Irishman, Iranian, and a Native American from the Hopi nation went to the near by Cabrillo farmers market to shill out plant sale brochures for our program.

After the farmers market we rallied again to participate in a day long celebration to raise money for the tent cabins which will replace the time tested and apprentice approved tents. On the menu was home made pizza, locally produced beer, and a little more bluegrass jam to spread evenly over the party which added a certain hint of locality and joviality.

So here I am minding me own on a Lazy sunday afternoon writing in preparation for my upcoming trip to Minnesota on the 16th of May fundraiser and seeing my potential veterans farm.....OH MY GOD!!!!

I just took a call, the Farmer Veteran Coalition was donated $130,00!!!!! Oh my, Oh my, Oh my!!!

Okay, gotta go, I"ll write more about this one very soon!!

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