Damn Good Biking

Damn Good Biking
Mammath Mountain

Saturday, September 22, 2007

I have all kinds of news

Ok I know it has been a while since my last post but please forgive me, things have been a little well, wonderful.

The good news is that I have written a lot about my past months experiences, the bad news is that yesterday my flash drive was forgotten in the PC computer lab and apparently the b.s. finder keepers mentality of many of our PCV’s has once again struck. Bastards.

But lets wait until all facts are in before making any hasty conclusions.

I don’t want to write in detail about what I have written so I’ll just provide an outline to offer as a teaser.

1st I AM COMING HOME!!! Insha allah (if god wills it) I will be coming home for the holidays. This makes me very happy, it will you too!

2nd Harvest season is rapidly approaching and my field has been a HUGE success and have earned a lot of field cred from my villagers, the Peace Corps community as well as the other organizations I am working with.

After I return to my village I am going to make a video in full detail of my field and will try to post the presentation as a link on my site. It is going to take a while to do this so sai hankuri (have patience) but in the meanwhile I will be writing a presentation describing the field in much more detail to be blogged soon!!!

3rd I forgot

4th I am trying to remember

5th I am pleading the 5th I forgot everything….

ah yeah. I have a new neighbor in the village a couple of km away from Dan Saga, and I approve. She is a pretty cool person and quite capable of managing an intelligent conversation about a multitude of things, sometimes a serious deficit found in the PCV community.

Also I am in Niamey for the next week due to the 45th anniversary of Peace Corps working in Niger. Its pretty hectic with all the goings ons and all the preperation for the importants but its always gratifying to come and see the familiar faces and most importantly play music with the bluegrass buddies.

Apparently I will be performing live infront of everyone for the Swear in and other events. I didn’t know I was going to, apparently since I have a history of volunteering it seems that apparently my name just magically appears on lists now. Go figure.

Oh well never one to shy away from playing some bad music for good people.

Lastly I came in from the bush a couple of days ago and HOLY!, there were four packages filled to the brim with all things awesome. Seriously thank you guys, it means a lot to be so well supported.

Okay I am going to wrap things up but I’ll provide more things during the next week while in Niamey.

Take care, thanks again for all your support, emails, and comments.

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