Damn Good Biking

Damn Good Biking
Mammath Mountain

Monday, August 6, 2007



It has come to my attention from current PCV’s that some of their family members have appreciated the site. So thank you for reading and I promise your daughters are in good hands....he..hehehehehe. I am kidding of course.

Also it has been wonderful learning to use this medium to express my thoughts and convey my experiences with others and it never ceases to thrill me to be contacted from friends and family who have been coming out of the woodwork and we have had the opportunity to catch up on many lost years. So if you are one of the stumblers onto my site and have any questions or comments, or one of the out of the woodwork folk please don’t hesitate to contact me via email at wayfaringpeacefully@gmail.com

Your questions help me sort out this whole mess that I find myself about ears deep in so really shoot away. But “sai hankuri” (have patience) for the time being internet access is limited so if you do not get a response sit tight I’ll get to you.

As my experiences continue to grow so will the site so if you know anyone interested in what’s happening here please pass along the site.

Thank you all so much for all the emails, comments, phone calls, gift packages, prayers, and any other form of the “hey josh” ways you show your love. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks.


Also go to the bottom of the page for my current mailing address. I like anything, jerky, dried fruit, new movies, (DVDs), new music for my Mp3 player and computer. Please no bubble gum pop music, The return postage is murder.

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