Damn Good Biking

Damn Good Biking
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Friday, June 1, 2007

The fate of the Known universe is in.....not my hands.

Goings On.

Currently I am wrapping up my last few days of in-service training IST in Niamey and enjoying the last days of my ability to eat delicious food from nice restaurants and drink tasty European beer. The fare of these expenses is taxing the contents of my pocketbook but the succulence is extraordinary and I cannot refuse the indulgence to blow my hard $7 dollar a day income. Plus who knows when I will be back in Niamey to enjoy the diversity of Niamey’s culinary culture. So why not?
Last night was interesting at the hostel I made Cajun fettuccini alfredo with mussels and tomatoes and it was delicious!!! So we ate some great pasta, drank a couple of tasty oat- soadies then kicked back and watched some episodes from the Firefly television series. All in the confines and safety of the hostel but on the outside the government of Niger erupted in chaos!!!!
People running in chaotically in the streets screaming the Government has Fallen!!!! The Government is Fallen!! Its like Darth Vader and the evil empire have just landed from space and have sacked the government by asking the prime minister to step down politely….Oh the Injustice!!!! Last night there was no rain falling from the skies instead there were searing pearls of tears falling from the eyes of lady justice lofted above solemnly in the heavens. Democratic freedom haters be warned. The effective parliamentary system has struck again.
Last night the government of Niger collapsed in so many words. This was my second time on this planet living through a demolition of the status government. The first was in Holland. I remember some of our Americans really concerned for their well being like chaos was about to ensue. It was totally foreign to them. Silly white people, don’t you know the only way to face danger from the Dutch is if you insult the Dutch men about their extraordinary women. Then you’ve got a tiger on a leash so to speak.
It is a fascinating thing to witness, something completely foreign to our system of government and totally unthinkable to manage in the United States, because it works.
So pretty much all that happened was that the PM and his cabinet was ousted due to a corruption scandal that involved embezzling over two million bucks earmarked for education and health. So in essence these uh hummm people not only stole from the noble citizens of Niger but they also stole from us. The said monies were given from the generous coffers of America and Europe, bastards!!!!
So what’s going to happen? The president will form a new government and more than likely no national votes will be held for a new PM but the tranquility of Niger’s latest hiccup onto the international scene will be forgotten to the outside world by tomorrow.
But think about it. What if our congress had this power…..
Heavens forbid congress decided that we had a president that did something wrong and was impeached for it and then his party members where excused from service also. Okay Bill Clinton was impeached, granted, but other than being a legitimate playa what did he really do? It’s not like he started a illegitimate war or anything. Uh Humm. Go GW!!
In other news I heard a joke over the internet that was hilarious. Are you ready for this it’s a good one….
GW says he wants to form a consensus group of individuals to structure a framework for tackling global warming in the next 18 months. HAAAAAA! Take that Al Gore, and your tree hugging Live Earth celebration, Bob Geldof wanna be!! premadonna!!!
Once again the the illegitimate master statesman has just out greened you! I can’t wait for a movie about bush and his view on global warming. It will probably be filmed by the same folks who make the bush family barney Christmas videos.
So this is how I envision the final scene. The camera focuses in and there we see barney (GW’s Dog) startled and rustling back and forth, whimpering, unable to cope with his pending doom while standing on a large block of ice, then the camera pulls back and you realize poor barney in floating adrift on what one is led to believe is the ocean but in actuality its really just a pond in Crawford Texas. Then bush with the narrators over voice says sternly “If it wasn’t for the freedom haters, we could have prevented Crawford from being beach front property”. Hey dick! Lets celebrate for freedom!! Anyone up for a pig roast ALOHA-TEXAS STYLE!!!!
Heaven help me.

Okay guys my imagination is taxed and its time for a nap, I’ve been up for an hour and a half and its time to resume my magic carpet ride through the subconscious. Take care and give me a call if you wish I will have internet and phone service for the next week at least.

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Great Post!!

Tony B's gonna be looking for a job too soon... might be worth giving the Niger President his number!